City Living

Most city services and departments can be accessed by just calling 311.

Animal Control
(612) 348-4250
Irresponsible pet owners can negatively impact livability issues. Abandoned and/or lost dogs can also lead to dangerous situations. Report to Animal Control any constant-barking dogs, neglected or wandering dogs.

Graffiti Hotline
(612) 673-2090
Unsightly graffiti needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Not only is this often a sign of an organized gang marking territory, but also it will multiply in retaliation if not covered up quickly. Once graffiti is reported, the Graffiti Hotline notifies the Minneapolis Police Department of this vandalism complaint and also forwards the address to Housing Inspections. Housing Inspections will send a letter to the property owner.

Housing Inspections Complaint line
(612) 673-5858
Housing violations are not only an eyesore to our neighborhood but criminals and crime tends to gravitate towards these properties. Being proactive by working with housing inspections helps to stop these issues before bigger livability issues occur. Our housing inspector can be notified if you have a housing complaint on a problem property by clicking here. House issues include trash in yards or alley, broken windows or unsecured doors, automobiles parked in backyards, automobiles that are in disrepair, broken windows and/or expired tags. For a complete list of issues click here.

Street Repair
(612) 673-5720

Street Light Repair

City Waste Voucher Program
A voucher allows you to bring one load into the South Transfer Station, with a maximum weight of 2,000 lbs. on that load. Only one voucher per load. The voucher also includes a maximum of two (2) appliances which, includes televisions and/or computers. Additional appliances/televisions or computers will be charged at $20 per item.

Minneapolis Solid Waste & Recycling
(612) 673-2917

Noise and Environmental Pollution
(612) 673-5897
To report a complaint regarding air quality, odors, noise, water pollution, illegal dumping and chemical spills. This department also handles honking horns from automobiles. If you have the license plate of the car and/or the property address of the visitor a letter will be sent to the owner to inform them that they are in violation of a city ordinance.

Noisy Parties
The Noise Assembly Ordinance is enforced 24 hours a day. Call 911. Be sure to give party address and state that the nature of your complaint is a “noisy party.” In addition to getting the police out to break up the party, calls to 911 document the problem for future action. Tips include the following:

  1. It is best to be willing to give your name, address and phone number as complainant.
  2. Call the property owner(s) when a party disturbs neighbors.
  3. Call the Housing Inspections Department if there are also problems with the upkeep of the property and grounds. Large parties can lead to deteriorating conditions and unsafe buildings.


The biggest mistake people make when problems occur is to ignore the problem and fail to call police.

Police officers and 911 dispatchers continually stress to us that the most important thing to do in problem situations is to call 911. It does not have to be an emergency. It is appropriate to call 911 when you need a response from police, fire or ambulance service. Calling 911 not only prompts a response from police but it also helps to build a history on the property and generates police reports.
Tips for calling 911:

  1. Be familiar with your neighbor’s addresses ahead of time and make sure and give the correct address when calling 911.
  2. Try your best to give clear descriptions of people and what you are witnessing.
  3. Don’t assume your neighbor will call 911. The more people that call on a problem the better as this is documented in statistics when police look at crime and where to concentrate efforts.