Nonprofits and Neighborhood Organizations

Fare For All
Fare For All offers packages of fresh produce and frozen meat at up to 40% savings. All of the food is purchased in bulk directly from wholesalers. This allows Fare For All to get product at a good value and pass on the savings to their customers. Fare For All strives to offer quality and nutritional food packages. The exact content of the packages changes each month while the value remains the same. Fare For All has monthly distributions in Old Highland at the North Minneapolis Christian Fellowship (1823 Emerson Avenue N.)
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Northside Residents Redevelopment Council
1313 Plymouth Ave. North
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411
Phone: (612) 335-5924
Fax: (612) 277-1154
NRRC’s primary goal is to bring about positive social changes, to foster self-determination, and empower residents to serve as a vehicle for active community involvement. They aim to improve the quality of life in North Minneapolis through an active, informed and self-sufficient citizenry.

Neighborhood Housing Services
1501 Dupont Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55411
Phone: 612-521-3581
Fax: 612-522-1963
NHS’ mission is to promote and preserve affordable homeownership in the inner-city neighborhoods of Minneapolis through:

  • Home Buyer Training and counseling
  • Buyer Financing and Referral
  • Home Improvement Lending
  • Home Rehab Consulting
  • Post Purchase Training and Counseling
  • Single Family Housing Development

Willard Homewood Neighborhood
The Willard Homewood Neighborhood is made up of a large area in North Minneapolis that lies between West Broadway and Highway 55; and from Theodore Wirth Parkway to Penn Avenue North.

Minneapolis GLBT Northsiders
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