Minneapolis & St. Paul Home Tour – 2010

Bruce Barron
1510 Emerson Ave N

There’s a lot of history in this neighborhood; our duplex, known as the mustard house for its color, was built for the daughters of the lumberman next door. We want to inspire our tenants in several properties, so we have preserved the character of this old glory while dramatically updating the most important rooms in the house: kitchen and bath. We also reconfigured a room above the back stair into an ample closet. Perfect urban retreat and a good example of what can be done in a multifamily home style so prevalent in a neighborhood where turn of the last century merchants thrived.



Romelle & Craig Pier, Brent and Alissa Pier
1414 Emerson Ave N

The four of us got together to purchase and renovate this duplex as have so many of Old Highland’s long-time residents, to live in or keep close watch on as rentals. While it appeared to be a classic duplex, we also found evidence that it may have been a large single-family home in the very beginning. The first floor is a 2-bedroom 1,000 sq. ft. apartment. The second and third floors will have around 1,600 sq. ft. of finished space – using the soaring space in the former attic for a master suite with sitting room, bathroom, and rec room which Alissa, an architect, designed. Come meet our enthusiastic neighbors who helped with construction, and learn about this lovely part of Minneapolis.