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On May 28th, Alissa Luepke Pier and Tracy Loso organized an extremely successful North Minneapolis-wide potluck to thank law enforcement officers for their hard work and dedication during the tornado recovery effort.

This evening, Alissa sent the following update –


Here is an update on how the potluck went yesterday:

Thanks to generous neighbors in Hawthorne, Jordan, Old Highland and Willard Hay, we were able to provide meals for all 3 shifts of officers in the 4th Precinct yesterday, as well as leave a snack table of treats for them to graze on today.  Officers were very happy and quite appreciative of the gesture.  The food that we provided included: a selection of deli meats, buns, fresh deli bread, croissants, condiments and garnish, fresh fried chicken, fruit salads, veggie trays, yogurt, fresh fruit, chips, pretzels, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, play pokies online no download fresh crepes with a topping bar, candy bars, water, pop, fresh coffee and cups, napkins, plates, and silverware.

In addition, our collective efforts allowed for us to supply the Fire Department up on Lowry (in the midst of the destruction) with lean hamburger meat, loads of hamburger buns, tomatoes, lettuce, condiments, and chips as well.  The firefighter who accepted the donation was surprised and expressed his appreciation to everyone who donated.

On a final note, we received enough in donations to also allow for a meal in the coming weeks for the 4th Precinct.  We will be providing the funds for pizza to be delivered for one of their meals.

We emphasized that this was NOT sponsored by a non-profit or other organization – it was a grass-roots effort from everyday residents of north Minneapolis who came together to say “Thank You!” to our officers and fire fighters.

Thanks again!
-Alissa Luepke Pier & Tracy Loso

Great work Alissa and Tracy, and thank you 4th Precinct!