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Please consider Old Highland when making your GTMD donations. The Old Highland Neighborhood Association is a 501(c)(3) and that makes your contributions to Old Highland eligible for charitable tax deductions.

Virtually all of our funds cover expenses for 4 primary events: The annual spring clean-up at the end of April, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour on the last weekend in April, Blooming Boulevards on Memorial Day weekend and the community garden through the summer growing season.

The annual spring clean-up: We cover some of the expenses associated with the potluck afterwards as well as garbage bags and pop for the volunteer crews.

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Home Tour: Our expenses here primarily have to do with copying information materials about Old Highland. Again, we also cover some of the expenses associated with the potluck afterwards.

Blooming Boulevards: This tradition is probably our largest expense. We rent roto-tillers and buy flowers to distribute to those neighbors who want to do a boulevard garden.

Community Garden: This new project was initiated in 2016. It’s off to a great start but there is still much work to be done. Volunteer effort goes a long way, but there are additional expenses for soil amendments, tilling, adding raised garden beds, plants, etc.

Other anticipated expenses include:
• Updating and reprinting our historic Old Highland walking tour brochure
• Ordering new Old Highland banners (mine is getting pretty ragged)
• Welcome Basket contents to new neighborhood residents

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